“As the brick fell away, and we saw what had been hidden, a cry came out... Ay! Dos gatos!”

Welcome to Dos Gatos - Jacksonville’s original cocktail lounge. Located Downtown, directly across from the historic Florida Theatre, you'll find the art of the cocktail on full display nightly by a well trained cadre of cocktail artists. In St. Augustine? We've got you covered. DG St. Augustine is one of the only places to dance in the Old City. Don't miss the upstairs Lounge bar.

When your passion for drinking needs a home, our light is always on.

Dos Gatos is strictly 21+, don't even try!

A Few of the Characters You'll Meet


Casey SheltonCasey – Manager
In the words of Jack Torrance, "The best goddamn bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon for that matter." Sit with him for 20 minutes, you'll agree.

Joy AlbertelliAlexis - Cocktail Waitress and Bartender
Our newest Team member and future attorney, she's laying down the law behind the bar at DG. She also answers to the name Allison.


Guerin BellConnor - Bartender
Nickname = Skinny Juice. Originally from Hawaii, he says he's jumped out of a plane over 1000 times! We think he was pushed.


Guerin BellLogan Taylor - Host
Logan's a lot like Patrick Swayze. Not sure if it's Roadhouse Swayze, Outsiders Swayze or Point Break. But he's pretty Swayze.




Casey SheltonCody - Bartender & Barback
One of the nicest guys you will meet, Cody will happily make you the cocktail of your choice. He is a Red Sox fan, so he's not perfect. What can you do?


Duane "Dee" DalyMegan - Cocktail Waitress & Barback
Miss Megan is a talented artist when she's not rocking the mic on karaoke night.



Duane "Dee" Daly

Caroline - Bartender

She's lived all over the world and speaks fluent Turkish. What can you do?


Duane "Dee" Daly

Shmiddie - Bartender
Part 1840's gold prospector, Shmiddie is a jack of all trades and master of some. We're just not sure which ones yet...




Drink on Any Day That Ends in 'Y'

This is the Downtown Calendar. For St. Augustine, please check our Facebook page!

Mondays: Rock N' Roll Karaoke with DJ Randall! Be a rockstar or just point and laugh! From 9pm. The best Monday night party in Jax for sure!

Tuesdays :Trivia Night with DJ Scott Young! Win a bar tab, win some swag, win some self respect. Late Night Happy Hour from 11-1

Wednesdays: Double Down with LIVE BlackJack in the lounge. Win prizes, hone your skills or just learn to play. Your drink is your buy-in. Everyone wins!


Thursday is the New Friday - DJ Hollywood spins 90's rock with a little nu disco. It's all night drinking music to get loose to.

Fridays: THE Friday night party! Various DJs spin a danceable mix of indie, throwback rock n roll and fun jams. Specials vary.

Saturdays: DJ NICKFresh turns the lounge into his own thing. Digital mixology at its finest. Specials vary.

Sundays: The Great Unwind Hang out with $4 bomb shots and $3 drafts as we give Monday morning the big middle finger.

Contact Us

123 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

(904) 354-0666 during business hours

Across from the Florida Theater

Need something? Write us using the fancy white form. We specialize in making special events special. We love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, getting a new job, losing a job, hook ups, break ups, funerals…anything really, except we don't do baby showers.

Contact Us

Scratch the surface of what we do:


Senor Extravagante
A play on the Negroni with Correlejo reposado tequila and Tiki Bitters. Don't know what that means? That's ok. We still like you.

Pegu Club
A timeless clasic. Start with fresh lime, orange bitters, Plymouth Gin and a dash of cointreau. Sublime.

Fresh Air
Pineapple ginger mint shrub with the owner's private barrel Maestro Dobel tequila. Stirred over a rock.

Le Pomme et Le Poire

The most amazing sparkling cocktail you'll ever have. Pear preserves, Sapphire gin, lemon, cointreau and a splash of Asti.




Red Dawn
Fresh seasonal berries, Russian Standard vodka, ginger liqueur and ginger beer. Modern spin on the classic mule.

Raspberry Lagerita
Can't decide between a beer or a cocktail? Have both in the same glass! Crazy, you say? Delicious we say!

Orange Jalapeno Margarita
We didn't invent the jalapeno regardless of what you've heard. We just make it better by adding to a really great margarita.

We specialize in all of the classics, from an algonquin to a zombie. We hand stir our martinis, make our own syrups, sours, shrubs and will happily create a custom drink just for you. We make real drinks for people who enjoy the art of drinking. Watch the magic and join in. You'll never be disappointed.

Of course, if you just want a beer, that's cool! We have a strong beer list with lots of local and craft brews! Just ask for the menu!


Monday thru Friday: 4pm to 2am
Saturday and Sunday: 6pm to 2am
Open early for special event days/holidays/game days
Friend us on Facebook for news about special events
and times!


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